Central Region

Richmond ECK Center

581-A Southlake Blvd.

(804) 378-7815

(877) 717-9672

Northern Region


2810 Old Lee Highway

Suite 301

(703) 916-0515

Tidewater Region

Norfolk ECK Center

1500 E. Little Creek Road, Suite 203

(757) 518-5683

The ECK center is also a spiritual focal point for ECKists. It provides for worship, spiritual study, fellowship, training, and planning. There ECKists can sing HU, and attend Satsang classes and other ECK functions. The ECK center is a doorway to both personal spiritual study and service to others. If there are no ECK centers in the area where you live, please visit the Local Contacts page.


Seekers can receive information on the teachings of Eckankar in ECK centers. They can attend introductory presentations, ECK book discussions, and other spiritual functions for the public. Newcomers can meet the local ECK community through the ECK center.


ECK centers serve as spiritual beacons in their communities. They are centers for the Light and Sound of God.


Western Region

Roanoke ECK Center

1420 3rd Street, SW

(540) 857-0950

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